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Top 10 Best Tourist Places in Salem

1. Oothumalai Hill

Top 10 Best Tourist Places in Salem​
The Oothumalai Hill comprises of a bunch of Hindu sanctuaries. It is renowned for its quiet, tranquil environment. The different sanctuaries on this slope intensify the strict meaning of this vacation spot. Oothumalai Hill is known to draw in aficionados and sightseers on a huge scale.
Sri Balasubramanian Sanctuary is one of the significant sanctuaries situated on Oothumalai Hill. It is committed to Master Murugan and is notable for its exceptional depiction of the Ruler. Among the other significant attractions on this Slope are, the Shiva Sanctuary with mind boggling etchings of Divine beings and Goddesses on the rocks, the Vishnu sanctuary that is otherwise called the Sathyanarayana Sanctuary – it is vital as it is one of a handful of the Vishnu sanctuaries around here. You can see the whole city of Salem from the highest point of Oothumalai Hill.

2. Government Museum

Top 10 Best Tourist Places in Salem​
The Government Museum of Salem is home to a few archeological relics and verifiable items, having a place with a similar locale. It is an old exhibition hall and is arranged only two kilometers from the downtown area. It is likewise outfitted with a library and once in a while puts together talks and occasions. Local escorts can assist with putting together School visits for kids.
The Salem Exhibition hall is a huge verifiable fascination and was developed in 1979. This Historical center houses an uncommon assortment of different figures and complex curios. It shows the magnificence of the Salem area in its full blossom. The smoothly cut stone figures are in recognition of the lords of prior hundreds of years. The Government Museum of Salem is a must-visit objective for those keen on history and human sciences.

3. Paravasa Ulagam

Paravasa Ulagam is a water amusement park that is situated on Public Expressway No. 7, a ways off of 16 km from Salem. It is settled in the midst of a cool, bumpy district encompassed by lavish green trees on all sides. Paravasa Ulagam offers many exercises like water games, computer games, wave pool, go-karting, science park and cascades, arranging an astonishing water experience for every one of its guests.
Paravasa Ulagam was begun a simple 6 sections of land of land and was opened to general society in 2004. Throughout the long term, it has filled in limit and has added numerous attractions. It is presently spread north of 15 sections of land of land with plans of future extensions. It is a must-visit as the water park offers a break from the singing city intensity and assists one with unwinding.

4. Kurumbapatti Zoological Park

The Kurumbapatti Zoological Park is loaded up with various types of creatures however is more popular for its differed bird species like the white peacock and kaleidoscopic cranes. New creatures continually are being added to this nook. The Kurumbapatti Zoological Park is spread over 11.5 hectares of save woodland land, and it is situated at the foot of the Shervaroyan Slopes of the Eastern Ghats.
The Recreation area was created at the expense of Rs. 10 Cr. There are isolated nooks for interesting types of birds and creatures and a youngsters’ jungle gym too. The whole region has an invigorating backwoods feel and is an ideal excursion spot for families or gatherings. Kids, particularly, appreciate going around and recognizing every one of the fascinating types of creatures and birds. Since the Kurumbapatti Zoological Park was incorporated into a timberland region, it has a few regular nooks for the wild creatures. Explicit locales that encase the spotted deers and elands are exceptionally extensive. The zoo likewise encases a few watering openings.

5. 1008 Lingam Temple

Situated in Ariyanoor, around 14 km away from Salem, 1008 Lingam is one of the most well known sanctuaries of the city. Committed to Master Shiva, the sanctuary has 1008 Lingams put in a manner which 1007 Lingams encompass the primary one. The 1008th Lingam is the one with the sculpture of Nandi (a sacred cow) put toward the front. The sanctuary was built in 2010 and is overseen by a confidential office under the Vinayaka Mission.

6. Kalangi Siddhar Temple

The Kalangi Siddhar Temple of Salem is one of the 18 Tamil Siddha sanctuaries. It is notable for the restorative spices that are accepted to fix a wide cluster of diseases. Pioneers visit the sanctuary consistently to go to the different pujas and furthermore to take a plunge in the sacred streams encompassing it. There are a few perpetual wells, little repositories and small cascades present around the Kalangi Siddhar Temple. The water that streams from these spots is accepted to have remedial abilities.

7. Kalipatti Kandaswamy Temple

The Kandaswamy Temple, which is otherwise called Kalipatti, is a Murugan sanctuary. It is quite possibly of the most extravagant sanctuary in the Salem region. The sanctuary was inherent the eighteenth hundred years and is dedicated to Ruler Murugan. The Pazhani Kavundar established the Kalipatti Kandaswamy Temple. It was underlying the eighteenth 100 years by Katteri Lakshmana Kavundar. ‘Karun Sambal’ is gotten from a snake’s toxin and is utilized as a counteractant to treat the enthusiasts that visit the sanctuary. The Kandaswamy Temple is enlivened with chariots that are known as Chithra Ther and Vinayaka Ther. In case of celebrations, the chariots are pulled around the sanctuary. During the Thaipusam Celebration in January, a cows fair is held at the sanctuary. This is viewed as the main cows fair in the country.

8. Mookaneri Lake

The pleasant Mookaneri lake is spread more than 58 sections of land. It is a huge water body in Salem City and furthermore a well known vacation destination. The Lake brags of offices like a recreation area and guest plans which have helped its spot as a vacation destination. The Mookaneri Lake was at first a 39-section of land water body by the Public Works Division. It was revived in 2010 by the Salem Residents Gathering utilizing 87 lakhs under the public drive.
It is currently a homestead to a fluctuated types of birds and verdure. There are a few different offices like a recreation area, guest plans for guests, a parking garage for vehicles among all else. Families regular the lake in the first part of the day and night hours to invest their energy wonderfully without wearing out the pocket. There is a characteristic hall likewise set up in the Lake’s premises. Neighborhood angler and lovers take a shot at fishing, particularly during ends of the week. The overflow of water present in Mookaneri Lake has additionally altogether worked on the groundwater levels of the encompassing regions.

9. Jama Masjid

The memorable Jama Masjid stands tall in the core of Salem. It is the most seasoned mosque in Salem. The 135 feet tall minaret is situated on 1.5 sections of land of land. It is accepted to be quite possibly of the tallest construction worked in South India during now is the ideal time. The Mysore ruler, Tipu King, should have fabricated it. Regardless of the rich social history and surprising engineering, Jama Masjid radiates a serene and quiet energy into its area.
Jama Masjid of any town or city alludes to the central mosque of that spot. It is where Muslim admirers accumulate to offer their requests, particularly on Fridays and during Ramzan, Bakrid and different celebrations. These mosques are frequently alluded to as Friday mosques or congregational mosques. Fridays are loaded with fervent admirers. The request lobby of this great design is on raised ground. It is brightened with intricate rock support points. The Jama Masjid capably parades the many-sided jali work and flower ornamentation. The leader of Mysore, Tipu King, is accepted to have assembled the Jama Masjid in Salem about a long time back. It is likewise imagined that he would offer supplications here routinely. He additionally conveys the standing of having laid its most memorable block.

10. Kottai Mariamman Temple

The Kottai Mariamman Temple is situated on the banks of waterway Tirumanimutthar. It is viewed as one of the most established journey communities of the city of Salem. The directing god at this sanctuary is Goddess Kottai Mariamman. Pioneers travel from close and far off spots to look for favors at this sanctuary and to absorb the quiet and quietness.
The Kottai Mariamma is otherwise called Kottai Maria Peri. It was viewed as the guardian lord of Salem during the pre-English time frame. Any traveler who wishes to have darshan of the image needs to bend and kneel prior to entering the sanctum santorum. In the sanctum, one sees that Mother Mariamman has her feet on the head of a malicious soul and furthermore has lotus buds under her feet.